Broadband broken? – call a judge

a firm of mortgage advisors whose broadband was cut off by accident sued BT to get it back on again.

this from thinkbroadband via the Greater Merseyside Digital Development Agency.

the essentials of the story are that a BT engineer accidentally cut off a Mortgage Advisors Broadband and when BT suggested that they could not reinstate the line the company took them to court for breach of contract.

It’s an interesting proposition as I suspect it was a BT OpenReach engineer that caused the cafuffle in the first place and that the company had a contract with BT retail through BT Business Broadband so good luck to them in their compensation claim.

the widespread adoption of broadband as a cheap and plentiful source of Internet bandwidth is going to throw up a lot more of these problems.

The company I work for has deployed several thousand broadband connections both as public Internet BT Business Broadband connections and as wholesale IP Stream services and we’ve had some horror stories. the worst of which involved a customer having intermittent service disruption for several months. 

the moral of this story –

if your business relies on your Internet service buy an Internet service your business can rely on.

Multimegabit leased line Business strength services are surprisingly cost effective these days and you don’t leave your customers fighting over the limited upstream bandwidth ADSL afford them.

The problem stems from marketing, the cheap cheap cheap for more more more message really deforms customer expectation however with a little bit of thought it’s easy to realise that you can’t go to the le Mans 24 hour race in a Ford Focus and sue Ford when you don’t win.

the concept of Business  continuity with broadband is a little hopeful as well as it’s normally beyond the ken of the average customer to successfully manage the multitude of parties necessary to ensure that Business is even reasonably continuous.

the simple message is that if you want a business class service expect to pay a business class price which is more likely to be £1000 a month rather than £30. FGS most companies spend more than that on Coffee for the kitchen.

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