Outlook Anywhere and Cellular Networks

a little grumble about a lack of configuration options

this issue was brought to my attention because I use Outlook 2007 to collect RSS feeds, not for reading, I tried that and hated it the problems as I see it are

  • no native aggregation, and feeds plus is broken
  • standard outlook folder view with separate properties for each folder
  • alphabetically arranged folders only
  • when it imports from IE7 it doesn’t preserve your Feed categories

It seems that even some softies use other applications by preference

On the other hand the search facilities in Outlook 2007 make it worthwhile capturing the feeds and once I’d worked out how not to have each new item show as a new message in unread mail I can put up with it for the search alone.

The problem I have is the order that and way that Outlook Anywhere retrieves data, it downloads RSS feeds first, then downloads folder contents  alphabetically  and there’s no way to change this order or tell outlook to only download certain folders.

It’s not normally a problem on fast networks however using Outlook Anywhere over cellular it’s a pain to wait for hundreds of feeds to download  then the alphabetically ordered folders above my inbox before I get the mail I need all at a blistering 36 kbits.

You can reduce the downloaded volume  by only downloading headers  on slow networks  however the 384 kbits or 1.8 Mbits that data cards erroneously report to Windows seems to suggest to Outlook that you’re on a fast connection so you have to manually alter the settings to headers only  

it’s also costly, I don’t want to download the hundreds of emails I get through distribution groups when I’m not directly addressed at 85p a Mbyte

I could use Outlook Web Access however in Cellular environments when moving, such as in the passenger seat of a colleagues car or on the train  web sessions are difficult to maintain and Outlook Anywhere’s background drip feeding and invisible reconnection are ideal.

Has anyone discovered a way to resolve this client or server side?

Since Office 2003 SP1 and through Office 2007 Microsoft have greatly improved performance over low bandwidth and inconsistent networks, the kind of networks moofers use all day long, however I’d like a little more flexibility please, more control to keep me efficient and help me keep my costs down.

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