It’s National Work Wise Week

to run from Wednesday 16th May to Tuesday May 22nd


I’ve been a little preoccupied with my latest device so have neglected my other duties, however it’s time to get back to flexible working just in time for National Work Wise Week.

Full details can be found here under the tag line of Work smart, live better … and help create a smarter working Britain.

Now some of you will say hang on that’s two weeks, however the point of it all is that Friday 18th May is National Work at Home day and the weekend of 19th – 20th may is Work Wise Weekend, the unconventional week is designed to make you think differently about how and where you work.

from the website :

Wednesday May 16 – Tuesday May 22, 2007

Work Wise Week 2007 will run from Wednesday May 16 through to Tuesday May 22 – again, an unconventional week to demonstrate flexible working. The week will consist of a number of themed days, with media opportunities and events for each. The programme for Work Wise Week includes:

Wednesday May 16 will feature the Work Wise Summit at the QEII Conference Centre in London . The summit will cover most of the elements of smarter working through a series of keynote speeches and panel discussions, including organisations such as TUC, CBI, BT and Transport for London . The emphasis will be upon making the UK more competitive in the face of growing economies in Asia, enabling a second industrial revolution to make the UK the most progressive economy in the world. 

Thursday May 17 will focus upon Stern Report, published late last year. The day will look at the significant positive impact of smarter working on the environment both in terms of the reduced need to travel and also a longer term reduction in resources and infrastructure to support a smarter working workforce. 

Friday May 18 will be National Work from Home Day. Employers and staff around the country are being encouraged to work from home on this day, so that everyone can experience the benefits. This is not giving a day off for those participating, but an opportunity to demonstrate that without the stress induced by the workplace environment and the long commute most have to endure, people can be more productive occasionally working from home. 

Weekend May 19/20 will be Wise Work Weekend, a consumer-focused initiative to provide guidance and help to those people who would like to work smarter. 

Monday May 21 will look at the transport impacts of smarter working. The Eddington Report has recommended road charging as a solution to congestion – this day will focus upon smarter working as a significant part of that solution. A fall in the need to travel, and the staggered time of travel, resulting from smarter working will significantly help in solving the problem of traffic congestion and overcrowding of public transport. 

Tuesday May 22 will focus upon employee benefits and social impacts of smarter working in terms of improving work-life balance, leisure and family benefits, and the knock-on effects on health and relationships. Various organisations with interests in these aspects will be involved in the day, both nationally and in the host region(s). The emphasis will be upon promoting a better work-life balance – working smarter, living better.

I’ll be posting appropriate daily comments to tie in with the themes of this important initiative, we all need to think about work in the 21st century we’re finally in a position where technology is an enabler rather than a barrier to working how, where and when we all want to.

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