Work Wise Week part deux

today the Stern report…

The stern report is concerned with climate change and the impact that  emissions have had do have and will have on the climate and global economy over the next 50 years.

published last year the key recommendations of the Stern report are:

· Three elements of policy are required for an effective response: carbon pricing, technology policy and energy efficiency.

· Carbon pricing, through taxation, emissions trading or regulation, will show people the full social costs of their actions. The aim should be a global carbon price across countries and sectors.

· Emissions trading schemes, like that operating across the EU, should be expanded and linked.

· Technology policy should drive the large-scale development and use of a range of low-carbon and high-efficiency products.

· Globally, support for energy research and development should at least double; support for the deployment of low-carbon technologies should be increased my up to five times.

· International product standards could be introduced.

· Large-scale international pilot programmes to explore the best ways to curb deforestation should be started very quickly.

· Climate change should be fully integrated into development policy, and rich countries should honour pledges to increase support through overseas development assistance.

· International funding should support improved regional information on climate change impacts.

· International funding should go into researching new crop varieties that will be more resilient to drought and flood.

the key areas that will impact on our workstyle are the likely introduction of emission taxation and carbon pricing both of which will be positioned to reduce the overall  carbon impact of our daily lives. inevitably emission taxation will be directed at travel to curtail the CO2 produced by the internal combustion engine and this will have the effect  of encouraging us all to consider our travel requirements and  look for more intelligent means interact with others rather than the default drive a 100 miles for a meeting approach too common today.

To reduce costs home and location independent working will be crucial tomorrow’s workforce will require the ability to work anywhere and employers will positively encourage workers to reduce the impact of their travel on the bottom line.

We’re a way off in today’s Britain, however the technology exists today to allow home working there’s just a lack of wherewithal and a distinct resistance to change that must be addressed prior to the inevitable changes in the taxation regime.

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