Work Wise Week part III – National Work from Home Day…..

I think this week is conspiring against me :)

As the post title suggests Friday 18th May 2007 is national work from home day and yet I am penning this post from my desk at the office in the lovely Derbyshire Dales.

Why? you may ask…. well considering I work from home once or twice a week and as often from a customers, their car park or a BTOpenzone hotspot (with or without dodgy coffee) I figure I’m already doing my bit for wise working.

Jason’s en route to Wales as well so I’m not alone in going against received wisdom.  

As far as I’m concerned the whole Home Working is the way forward  thing is a bit of a  non sequitur when considering the work wise workstyle, working wise is not being tethered to any location by technology, working practices or Culture, be it home or office.

Home working can be as inappropriate as working from the traditional office what I want to be able to (and mostly can) do is work when and where I want to, that’s Working Wisely.

Why am I in the Office? – I’m having a meeting, a face to face, with a colleague who has some undigitised information, and more importantly one of my colleagues is leaving and warrants  a goodbye hug- that’s the kind of thing you just can’t do remotely.

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