living with the E650…. update

first forced reboot …… over a month in

Well it happened today, the first freeze……

The combination of factors was using  Microsoft Voice Command to make a call to my voicemail using a Jabra Bluetooth headset whilst the phone was locked.

Reasonable battery strength so the little glitches I’ve seen when power is low can’t really be blamed, anyway the device locked – the voicemail standard prompts were audible so the call was still in progress but the keypad was unresponsive. 

no joy with the power button so off came the back and… you know what? ….. I couldn’t immediately work out how to dislodge the battery.  a testament to the fact this the first time this has happened since I’ve had the E650 – not bad, over a month over uninterrupted operation.  a great improvement.

bearing in mind I do actually try to break  mess around with these things I’m quite impressed.

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3 Responses to living with the E650…. update

  1. Doug says:

    I’ve not had to do this yet with mine. Sturdy machine.

    Q: have you used the alarm? Is there a way to control the alarm volume (that works)?


  2. fanatical says:

    haven’t tried the alarm – I’ll have a look see – is it not controlled by the profile you are in ?

  3. fanatical says:

    Hi Doug – you can control the alarm volume through the profile settings, unfortunately you can’t add additional profiles so you’ll probably need to leave your phone on a loud profile overnight –
    you could use switch profile (which seems to be WM6 compatible)
    jason reccomended it here
    you’re going to end up juggling quite a few settings to make the phone do exactly what you want though.

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