m3100 staying on Windows Mobile 5.0???

will Orange bend to consumer pressure or not?

Jason has been announcing updates all day  from ASUS & Samsung however a worrying conversation I’ve had with an Orange insider has cast doubt on the likelihood of the HTC TyTN update to WM6 making it to the m3100 (officially)……. which will annoy me no end.

It seems that the recent AKU 3.0 update may have distracted the product teams and that its now possible that the Windows Mobile 6.0 upgrade will not be available before the next range of native WM6 devices appears on the Orange shelves.  The overlap casts doubt on whether the project will get started or maintain the necessary focus, as obviously the MNO wants to sell more equipment.

As I’ve said before this is a big test of the Windows Mobile licensing model as,  if I remember correctly, this is the the first time there will be official (as opposed to homebrew or leaked)  major Upgrade ROMs for manufacturer versions of OEM / licenced devices.  

MNOs (and not just Orange) need to be very wary of alienating their customers. 

I’ve sent some more feelers out into Orange land and I’ll post more as soon as I hear anything, here’s hoping it’s not true.

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