Surface is everywhere

Microsoft’s latest UI triumph explodes across the technosphere

this is a first significant salvo for Microsoft into tactile computing, surface based computing as they call it and it looks very very impressive. the product team must get bored of the Minority Report comparisons but that’s the most mainstream representation of the type of intuitive tactile control Surface offers.

Vids of Jeff Han’s work have been circulating for a while now but this is a real world ish application of the technology so good on you Microsoft


The Product marketing web site is here Channel 10 ( of course) offers the best no nonsense display I’ve seen and  it’s made Steve’s James‘ and even Mark’s blog  Eileen has resisted so far  oh and it’s in a few mainstream places as well.

Multi touch is really really exciting it’s a natural way to sort and control objects things,  digital scattering is a replication of the way we all like to organise images and visual influences I can see this in publishing houses really really rapily . the opportunity for collaboration that multitouch offers is immense……… but

not wanting to pour cold water on things I am a little skeptical about the interoperability of devices, the visual tagging ( probably including Microsoft’s technicolor bar codes) seems to me to be OK but bearing in mind the pain of simple WiFi ‘standard’ integration there’s a huge elephant in the room here, and all the demo’s I’ve seen are in gloomy rooms, I suspect to compensate for the projection technology in use.

I think we are a little way off realworld here yet but the future is very very exciting

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2 Responses to Surface is everywhere

  1. Eileen Brown says:

    The reason that I’ve resisted so far is that I’m travelling this week and without access to our intranet, I’ve only got the public stuff to go on… I want to have a look around the intranet, getting some more facts before I write about it – probably next week though!…

  2. fanatical says:

    ah cool eileen – it’s an interesting prospect, kind of not UM or flexible working or anything I focus on but it’s a fascinating change for the MMI my wife who’s a pragmatic interior designer said ‘ great but what about when you spill soup all over it?’ :)

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