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Computing entrepreneurs the eighties way

I like my Waybacks this time it’s not just what Kevin called a mobile wayback but a whole workstyle wayback.

My family are hoarders, for me it’s trailing edge technology, for my Mother it’s old magazines which are great for those quiet contemplative moments men have :)

countryman spring 83

Recently I was perusing a copy of the countryman magazine from spring 1983, my eye was caught by the strapline ‘farming computerised‘ 

The article describes a home based business run by a Gillian Farrant of Manor Farm near Eaton in Oxfordshire.  Mrs Farrant took the enterprising step of setting up a farm data tracking business with the local vet’s wife.

The whole enterprise was run on  an apple II 

farrantThe which the author describes as  typewriter keyboard with a TV set sitting on top with a magnetic-disc recorder and an automatic printer  at the princely sum of £2000 a bargain as also unusually for a Mac  you could actually play a state of the art  computer game on the thing (ouch).  

Now unfortunately I cant find any record of Manor Farm Eaton or the Farrant brothers or Mrs Farrant and Hatch’s Farm recording Services, Farmplan are alive and well and still in the market they were in in ’83 however this appeals to my trailing edge tech interests  and is kind of on topic with a nod to homeworking.

Those were the days: the full article is copied below for your enjoyment – you can get up to date copies of the countryman from their website

digital dairying 1page 61page 62page 63page 64


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