Bloggus Interruptus

not a lot going on round here at the moment

well in the blogging world at least – there’s far too much going on in the world of work, just one long go to meetings, follow up meetings and go to more meetings. blogging is not my day job, my wife will be pleased to know  so the extra mile is that much harder to tread for now. This is a testament to how imnportant blogging has become  as I have itchy fingertips, not having posted for  five days or so.

There are a few things I need to mention but they will have to wait until a couple of projects at work have been completed.

normal service will be resumed shortly

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4 Responses to Bloggus Interruptus

  1. Peter Bond says:

    Thanks for your helpful review of the SPV C650.

    I have an M3100 which is great but (and it’s a big but for me) it is unsupported by TomTom for traffic data. I have tried the generic settings with no luck and TomTom say they have no intentions of supporting the M3100. So, I have to find a new phone that will link with my GO 700 for traffic data.

    TomTom’s very short list of phones includes the SPV C600 but nothing newer. Orange tell me that the SPV C650 has similar software to the C600 and should work with TomTom under the C600 settings.

    Have you any comment on this before I buy one?

  2. alasdairford says:

    Hi Peter, and thanks for the acknowledgement

    If I read you correctly you are using the m3100 as a bluetooth modem for the GO 700 to on connect to the TomTom traffic site. I don’t have any experience of the TomTom all in one’s as I’ve always been a PDA man

    I run TomTom Navigator 5.2 on my m3100 which TomTom also say is unsupported however it does work, it occasionally hangs in screen transition but pressing the windows key reawakens it.

    I suppose my point is take TomToms tech support with a pinch of salt they’ve always seemed a little to eager for the easy life for me. TomToms supported list is very static, they are much more interested in selling you the next model than backwards enabling older ones. that said if your m3100 doesn’t work then you’re stuck.

    As for Orange’s advice the C600 and E650 are drastically different, I assume with the c600 you would connect via bluetooth and use dial up networking (DUN) but the the E650 is WM6 and dial up networking profiles don’t exist, they have been replaced by internet sharing so the settings will not be the same.

    You could use the distance selling regs to try an E650 and then send it back if it’s not suitable.

    bear in mind that with the E650 you won’t be able to download data and make calls at the same time unlike the m3100 (should do) due to it’s 3G support.

    thinking on I had problems with my m3100 and bluetooth DUN (see elsewhere on here) which was solved by a hard reset – (eek) it might be worth trying a reset before shelling out. you can always use one of the backup programs I suggested to make a fallback image so if the hard reset doesn’t help you can go back to where you were before.

    (make sure you have all your reg codes handy to reinstall if necessary)

    good luck


  3. Peter Bond says:

    Hi Al

    Thanks for the detailed response. Bluetooth worked OK with the m3100 – I could use it with TomTom fine – using Tom Tom as a hands-free device – its the data side where I was having problems. TomTom and traffic data worked fine with my old SPC C500 until the phone died. I stupidly upgraded to m3100 without looking at the “supported” list on TomTom website.

    As you suggested I have accepted the e650 on a suck-it-and-see basis. Guess what e650 isn’t supported either because the phone doesn’t have DUN. I have emailed TomTom but I’n not holding my breath. If the world has moved on from DUN what’s the hope for data services and TomTom?

  4. alasdairford says:

    I had a problem with my m3100 where other bluetooth features worked fine but no other device could find the DUN profile when it found the m3100

    Headset features outbound were OK and I think serial port inbound was, but no DUN at all.

    I’d be tempted to hard reset the m3100 and try it before reinstalling anything, you may find the DUN profile has reappeared. can you see DUN if you pair the m3100 with a PC?


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