Hi I’m Alasdair Ford (fanatic-al), I’m a thirty something commercially aware geek married with no kids but a small terrier.

I work for a listed IT Services company in the UK, we’re a Microsoft, Cisco, HP and BT partner to name but a few and we provide managed and project orientated services to support our customers throughout the UK and the wider world. 

My working day is filled with WANs and LANs and mobile stuff  predominantly supporting our customers when they are dealing with challenges they face when delivering converged networks or flexible working to their businesses.

I’ve been involved in  communications for fifteen years I’m Mr Mobile, WiFi, Broadband and Voice too so an imbodiment of FMC and renowned for a plethora of gizmos used to make people’s working experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Play is filled with my wife, walking, wagging tails, gaming, gizmos, reading, and socialising whether in the realworld or here online. I’m a passionate Blogger and although a johnny come lately I love what we all can do for ourselves and the businesses we work for through the sphere.

This blog is my personal place, in part I’m trying to prove a point however the blog is in no way associated with the company I work for so obviously the views and opinions expressed on this blog are absolutely my own and are not necessarily representitive of the views of my employer or anyone else associated with me.

 It if not my intention to offend or unknowingly use copyrighted materials, if you feel I have offended you or breached your copyright please contact me in the first instance.

i used to be 1057573.553@compuserve.com, and redd dogg and eXcess  but don’t bother anymore now I’m mainly Lt.Rightenant, or anything at all @ digitalbucket.org


2 Responses to About

  1. Jon says:

    I found your blog via googling “hsdpa bluetooth modem” – you’re on the 1st page of hits, indicating to me that not many people are doing this yet. What I’m trying to find out is whether the theoretical HSDPA data speeds (1.4 / 1.8 Mbps depending on who is doing the boasting) are available when using an HSDPA handset as a bluetooth modem and, if so, whether the usual DUN protocol is all I need. I currently use a 2G handset to get a weedy 115kbps by this method (BT + DUN). I saw a couple of your posts from back in March where you managed to connect via the M3100, but you didn’t mention what data rate you managed to achieve.


  2. alasdairford says:

    Hi Jon – on the contrary I suspect quite a few people are doing this just not many writing about it :) – it’s been of interest to me because I spent quite some time looking at HSDPA performance through tethering / using the devices as an HSDPA modem;using a datacard and using two fixed HSDPA routers from Linksys and Sarian. on the whole the results were dissapointing but more importantly very variable and as you say rarely up to the boasts of the MNOs .

    I spent several weeks trialling SIMS from Vodafone and T-mobile ( Orange had too limited a network and o2 none) and hardly ever got more than 3G speeds the actual range being between 200 and 600 kbits download and 57-100 kbits upload (I was using speedtest.net as a consistent source)

    There is a marked increase in throughput over 2G which in my experience actually delivered about 50/25kbits down/up and the latency fell from 500-100 ms on 2G to around 300 ms with 3g / HSDPA. I never got anywhere approaching 1.4Mbits and oddly when download speeds went up upload fell.

    Horitontal Speed played a big part as well HSDPA perfomance fell below that of 3G when in use on a train or in colleagues car.

    You’ll need either DUN or bluetooth PAN as the interconnect dependnet on the handset’s software.

    in essence you’ll see an improvement over 2G however plenty of applications will baulk at those latencies and the actual perfomance will be well short of your expectations.

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