E650 update

July 17, 2007

the continuing saga of Living with the Orange SPV E650

OK I’ve had the E650 for a few months now and I’m way way past the honeymoon period so I thought I’d give you a quick catch up on my current feelings on the device.

do I still love it ? well yes …… mostly

will I part with it ? not if I can help it

are there any problems with it ?   yes a couple

go on what are they then ?

well the biggest problem I’ve come across is the fact that any screen grabbing notifications such as low battery warnings disconnect your Bluetooth sessions, a royal pain when you are driving and involved in a conversation on your headset.  I have no idea why this happens it’s just a really bugging bug.

the second problem is purely aesthetic, remember the flappy flaps, they’re made of pretty soft plastic and  with use they deform and refuse to sit cleanly in their aperture. this is a real problem for the flap that hides the extUSB connector  which annoyingly is on the bottom of the phone and is in use a lot for charging, it now refuses to sit cleanly and really spoils the lines of the device. it’s going to come off when I get round to it.

Neither of these are major problems but they are worthy of mention as they are particularly annoying in a device that is otherwise so well designed.

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Bloggus Interruptus

June 18, 2007

not a lot going on round here at the moment

well in the blogging world at least – there’s far too much going on in the world of work, just one long go to meetings, follow up meetings and go to more meetings. blogging is not my day job, my wife will be pleased to know  so the extra mile is that much harder to tread for now. This is a testament to how imnportant blogging has become  as I have itchy fingertips, not having posted for  five days or so.

There are a few things I need to mention but they will have to wait until a couple of projects at work have been completed.

normal service will be resumed shortly

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office live Gotcha

June 4, 2007

the beta ending also means the billing starting

if you, like me,  signed up for the beta of office live on a premium account and you don’t want to be charged ( or signed up for a years subscription) you must go here to get instruction and downgrade your account within 30 days of the 23rd May.

I just got billed £26.44 for a service I didn’t want – I’m a bit peeved as the letter I received telling me that the beta was ending was not explicit that this would happen – oh and it also contained the same letter for a different subscriber who if I hadn’t found through the phone book would have been none the wiser.

at sign up for the beta I’m sure it was stated or at least implied that I would not be automatically charged but it seems that I have been – here’s hoping the promise to refund comes through.

caveat emptor

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Living with the Orange SPV E650 part V

April 24, 2007

a first grumble

I’ve blogged about the glitch I discovered the other day when using the find as you type on the keyboard.

I’ve found a grumble – you can’t seem to change the home page of pocket Internet explorer – you’re stuck with windows live search. grrrrr

I hate this kind of imposition – I’m sure that there’s a reg hack somewhere in there and I’ll have a rummage providing resco explorer works  however it’s an eval handset so I’m wary of too much modding.

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[EDIT: Resco Reg editor 2005 does work on WM6  –  in the registry there’s no explicit home / start page key I can find but there is an entry in HKCU\software\Microsoft\Internet explorer\main for search page. There’s also a startmenu option in HKCU\software\Microsoft\shell but I’ve not messed around with them]

Orange E650 available to purchase on Orange Consumer website

April 20, 2007

but……. instantly out of stock

the E650 is here – on the orange consumer website true to form for brand new customers only. :(

it’s instantly out of stock so I assume back orders have to be fulfilled (unless it’s a bit of creativity to hit the mid April Launch promised)

oh well I spose all you loyal Orange customers out there with access to the same deals as everyone supposedly will just have to wait.

I hate it when they do this.

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Response Point – Software and Hardware principles

April 10, 2007

Jeff Smith Senior Product Manager reveals a little more

as Microsoft’s new SIP PBX killer is XP embedded under the lid, I missed this item  first time round but in an interview with windowsfordevices.com Jeff Smith is quoted as saying that Response Point is :

a “go-to-market” software stack based on Windows XP Embedded, similar to how Windows Mobile is a go-to-market variant of Windows CE. And, like Windows Mobile, Response Point will only be marketed directly to major device OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and ODMs (original design manufacturers).

he is quoted as going on to say

Microsoft played a role in developing reference architecture, but is not controlling the hardware design. Each OEM is building its own variation based on the Response Point reference design, explained Smith. Response Point is currently beta testing and available on a very limited basis. Beta 2 is now working, and should be released in early April.

oh well definitely no software only option then and I won’t be holding my breath to see a version in the wild in the UK  for a while… ho hum.

wonder what the UM Team’s thoughts on RP are?

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problems with images

March 31, 2007

all is not well in the world of worpress and windows live writer beta

not sure what is going on but there seems to be some problems with uploading locally cached images on live writer – I’ll do some investgation, hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly