superpersonal computing ?

March 20, 2007

distributed computing a step nearer?

back in February I posted about the  future or lack thereof of the personal computer, prompted by Mark Cuban‘s  musings (before he was consumed by his crusade against YouTube). I suppose what I’m hankering for is  the concept of superpersonal computing, clustered processor cycles across many machines,  allowing you to tap the unused processor cycles or FLOPS across the pool when you need them.   in my fantasy world it was Xbox 360’s  (prompted by my recent purchase) but back here in realworld 1.0 Sony plan to offer their PS3 customers the option of extending the wasted flops in their processors to the Stanford university folding@home project. at the moment this is another SETI alike project installing an client application to run in the background, but it’s the first time the concept has been extended to the world of consoles. I’m looking forward to the day when I can sell my FLOPS back to some national supergrid of computing.