the HTC Shift is nearly here

August 14, 2007

HTC push the boundaries of the UMPC form factor

well it seems they’ve done it again, those innovative people over at HTC have come up with another market beater. this time it’s the HTC Shift.

I snagged the info via Tracy and Matt who seem to be the getting the skinny first on quite a few devices these days Matt snagged it from  Hugo Ortega over at Uber tablet got hold of one of the first ones in Australia. the video is pure techno porn, minus the money shot (just)

The device specs are pretty impressive a 40 Gig HDD with HSDPA built in, Biometrics, WiFi, GPS and all in a lovely package. the shift has   dual RAM and processors – why ? you ask because it supports….

Windows Mobile 6 professional  AND Windows Vista Business


Windows Mobile 6 professional  AND Windows Vista Business


Oh and for eye candy it supports Aero as well.

A while ago I mused on the blurring  of the line between the benefits of a full desktop OS and the rapid on off of Windows Mobile the inevitable power versus speed trade off that would inform your OS choice, well in one fell swoop HTC have blown this line to smithereens.  

Hugo describes the alternative environment as a kind of sideshow, which it isn’t, the Shift  has a full Windows Mobile 6  Professional environment, wrapped up in the HTC today skin, as seen on the Touch. With WM 6 pro of course you get Office Mobile, you get IE Mobile, you’ll get Windows Live and with exchange activesync you have near instant access to all your everyday applications, mail, calendar and contacts  in fact, all the benefits you have from a standard WM  device now with a 5 day battery life.

Switch to vista and you have a full blown operating system with all the regular applications you might need, yeah battery life drops to 3 hours but hell you’re running Vista.

The only oddity is the cellular,  apparently it’s data only, but I can’t see why using the SDK someone couldn’t write a fairly comprehensive phone application.

remember this is a UMPC but it’s a world beating UMPC, HTC innovation has done it again a unique solution to the greatest dilemma facing the mobile professional today….. Windows Mobile or Windows Vista ? ..forget it  get a Shift, I know I am and I’m going to get one as soon as humanly possible.

the only downside, I know hundreds of users that would benefit from this and I guarantee the product will be in constraint before  the day it hits the shelves.

well done HTC  very well done,  a peach of a product, a peach that’s going to have those apple fanboys green with envy !!!

it’s available for via Expansys on preorder for £740 +VAT sans contract.

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Local weather on the HTC Touch

July 26, 2007

how to get a forecast a little closer to homexda developers hack hacked


I’ve been long term testing the  HTC touch ready for an imminent review and one of the interesting applications is a weather forecasting plugin that sits on your home screen and displays a localish weather forecast.

The weather plugin is great but for the UK the default list is pretty sparse,  I can only find Manchester, London or Edinburgh and living in Nottingham that’s useless.

XDA developers to the rescue, it’s through a registry hack (so usual caveats apply)  the suggestion is

just navigate to


And change the Location key to the name you want displaying  and LocationCode to the new city’s accuweather location code .

You’ll  find the codes here and all the Nottinghams here  

Nottingham in Nottinghamshire is EUR|UK|UK189|NOTTINGHAM however when i altered the code to this … it doesn’t work, you get an unable to download data error

there’s a long and complicated fix here with clever use of a generous soul’s server to interpret the data.

However with a little reg rummaging I discovered that in the registry both London and Manchester have nearly identical codes EUR|UK|UK001|cityname despite the fact that the accuweather codes are  EUR|UK|UK124|LONDON and EUR|UK|UK189|NOTTINGHAM.

So I changed my Touch code to EUR|UK|UK001|NOTTINGHAM and it seems to work I certainly get different weather from London Village and God’s own City. anyone else tried it?

Banish another annoying sound from your Windows Mobile Device

May 20, 2007

stop (well hide) the beep at the start of a call on your Windows Mobile device

annoyed by the beep that your windows mobile device makes when you start / initiate a phone call? you might not have noticed it but you will now and it’ll bug you soon …

Neil over at openNETCF has posted a solution, you can quieten it if you don’t want to do away with it – my Bluetooth headset seems to amplify these  alerts to eardrum rending levels so this is a big thanks to Neil from my ears.

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are you a Geek ?

March 6, 2007

Steve Clayton posted a link to MSN’s Geek test which frankly IMO doesn’t go anywhere near far enough :) and  as Chris Parkes says is too outlandish in some cases – spell my name in Elvish or speak Klingon indeed.

I’d thought about a post along these lines but understood that I’m an unterGeek when I was talking with pride to a codie friend of mine about my Asterisk install and he asked how  I’d tweaked the source .

bah humbug –  I installed asterisk because I wanted to try and get an open source gateway working with Exchange 2007 UM  (there’s a list of supported tested VoIP gateways here and PABXs compatible with Exchange 2007 here) but now I’ll need to consider whether I’m up to messing around with the software enough to try and patch Asterisk to allow SIP over TCP which is what Exchange 2007 UM requires.

that sounds l33t Geek doesn’t it?

Geek is a very relative term, in the company of some I am Uber Geek in the company of others I am the unterGeek

Anyway I’d add the following questions to the test:

When sat at your main PC can you see the insides or part of the insides of any other computer without turning your head? (needs to be a yes but still OK if you have to turn your head a little)

(if you don’t have to differentiate between your computers or you don’t have computerS don’t bother reading on)

How many operating systems could you have running at once ? (yes of course virtual machines do count, extra points if the base OS ends in an x)

Have you spent a small fortune in the last  12 months on gadgets to perform a particular task, mainly or only because they are gadgets when you had barely spent £35 on non gadget examples in the last 12 years? (think cameras)

Do you have any mementos of your 1st computer secreted around the house? ( I’ve got my original ZX81 somewhere and the BIOS chip and processor of my first IBM compatible)

have you set your own wireless network up and at least one other family members and maybe a friends? (of course) (extra credits if you’ve ever fixed a strangers Internet connection when logging on through an unsecured wireless link, accidentally of course)

Do you buy CDs anymore and do you have an opinion on DRM?

that’ll do for now – more on the Asterisk and Exchange 2007 unified messaging shenanigans later

in the meantime any additions ? anyone? anyone?