waste of time and money

February 6, 2007

Caroline Spelman introduced a private members bill which was supposed to protect the green spaces in the UK that are now designated as brown field sites for the purposes of redevelopment. Now I don’t agree with most of  Mrs Spelman’s views but I do have some sympathy for her position on this point. however it’s actually irrelevant what Mrs Spelman’s position is as this bill like many other private members bills is going to get talked out of parliament.

a pre determined waste of time

In our business we are always conscious of the costs invested in a meeting, put simplistically, an account manager invites two consultants to a meeting that takes two hours and requires two hours driving time has a nominal invested cost of  2 x £1000 per day x 1/2  or £1000 which has to be recovered before the opportunity is profitable.

this is the fourth time this matter has been discussed in recent months on this occasion the debate had 19 active participants and took 4 hours 45 minutes.

£60000 for say 46 weeks gives a weekly wage of £1304 for five days work being generous at 10 hours a day gives an hourly rate of £26  gives a total invested cost of £2350 this excludes associated hangers on.

now this is £2350 of our money, assuming a similar outlay each time this is debated we’re at £11000 down the drain and more to come.

to be honest it’s time this preposterous practice is halted, only debate bills that stand a chance of being treated properly. no wonder politicians have lost our respect when they blather on about waste in the NHS when they’ve just thrown over half a nurses salary away 0n nothing