HTC Touch review Live

August 15, 2007

My Latest Guest Review is online on Tracy & Matt’s site


to see the full review go here

For the 10 second summary,  the Touch is great bit of kit, a fantastic form factor and looks really cool but a little on the underpowered side. if you’re easily frustrated by a little waiting steer clear, if you’re happy to compromise on speed for the cool factor fill your boots.

Biggest Plus: Biotouch or TouchFLO, fab for broad fingered people like myself. (battery life and size are worth an honourable mention)

Biggest Minus : resources, it could do with a bit more memory

Not Sure….:  TouchCube, great to look at but doesn’t actually do much.

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Toshiba Portege G900 review

July 24, 2007

My latest guest review published

I’ve been testing Toshiba’s latest Windows Mobile 6 Professional courtesy of Tracy and matt and the review has just been posted over on their site.

For the 10 second summary the G900 is not a bad bit of kit, a bit on the big size but the benefit is you get a great screen again you’ll get a great deal more out of it as a Toshiba Notebook companion.

Biggest Plus: the Screen.

Biggest Minus : now the screen’s fixed it’s size, it’s big damn big.

Not Sure….: SIPserver and TIPtalk – a nice idea  but flawed by lack of flexibility

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Toshiba Portege G500

June 25, 2007

I’ve been testing Toshiba’s reentry into the smart device market

it’s a bit of a collaborative piece of work so you’ll find the full review over at Tracy and Matt’s blog.

For the 10 second summary the G500 is not a bad bit of kit, a reasonably creditable smart device by Toshiba but to get the best out of it it needs to be used as a Toshiba Notebook companion.

Biggest Plus: 3G & HSDPA.

Biggest Minus : size, it’s big damn big.

Not Sure….: Fingerprint reader, great idea poorly executed

Oh and it’s Windows Mobile 5.0

If I had a bit more time I’d try a haiku review, hopefully things will calm down a bit round here soon.

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