Google as an MVNO – Bigger than the Google Cellphone

May 23, 2007

something to really worry about ?

rumours are rife regarding the  entry of Google into the UK as a  mobile virtual network operator

Ewan over at SMS Text News suggests that the MNO will be o2 citing unnamed mobile industry insiders as his source. there’s a little excitement about this and mixed responses .

The concept of an advertising driven free / flat rate/ low cost offering is certainly exciting but I am very uneasy about this.

historically there has been great deal of suspicion over Microsoft’s apparent domination of Operating System and Applications however the fear of this supposed monopoly was as nothing to the fear that Google as network owner operator and owner of search should engender.

personally I think that this is a fantastic development for Google’s bank balance however based on their censorship and capitulating to abusive governments in markets they want to get into it’s a really bad development for net freedom and access to free unbiased information on the move.

I for one will not be participating.

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