Local weather on the HTC Touch

July 26, 2007

how to get a forecast a little closer to homexda developers hack hacked


I’ve been long term testing the  HTC touch ready for an imminent review and one of the interesting applications is a weather forecasting plugin that sits on your home screen and displays a localish weather forecast.

The weather plugin is great but for the UK the default list is pretty sparse,  I can only find Manchester, London or Edinburgh and living in Nottingham that’s useless.

XDA developers to the rescue, it’s through a registry hack (so usual caveats apply)  the suggestion is

just navigate to


And change the Location key to the name you want displaying  and LocationCode to the new city’s accuweather location code .

You’ll  find the codes here and all the Nottinghams here  

Nottingham in Nottinghamshire is EUR|UK|UK189|NOTTINGHAM however when i altered the code to this … it doesn’t work, you get an unable to download data error

there’s a long and complicated fix here with clever use of a generous soul’s server to interpret the data.

However with a little reg rummaging I discovered that in the registry both London and Manchester have nearly identical codes EUR|UK|UK001|cityname despite the fact that the accuweather codes are  EUR|UK|UK124|LONDON and EUR|UK|UK189|NOTTINGHAM.

So I changed my Touch code to EUR|UK|UK001|NOTTINGHAM and it seems to work I certainly get different weather from London Village and God’s own City. anyone else tried it?


open Source VoIP and Microsoft Unified Messaging

July 10, 2007

How to get Asterisk working with Exchange 2007

I’d alluded before about my dabbling with Asterisk as an open source SIP PBX and how I hadn’t mustered the energy to try and get Exchange 2007 which uses SIP over TCP to talk to Asterisk which uses SIP over UDP. at the time I was considering a patch,  well with one thing and another I still haven’t got round to it but I do get a emails  asking about it and I recently was directed to a very useful post by Ryan an antipodean IT pro who’s reluctantly dipping his data toe in the voice water. I came across Ryan’s post through Dennis over at MSGoodies.

The key is to use sipX which happily eventually acts as an intermediary with SIP over both UDP and TCP in it’s lexicon.  Ryan gives an excellent account of setting the whole infrastructure up within VMware so you can familiarise yourself with some of those novel VoIP protocols

maybe, just maybe, I’ll get round to trying it soon

Blackberry and Exchange Total Cost of Ownership White Paper

July 3, 2007

real world experiences qualify a lab based paper

Jason has posted a link to the new revised RIM v’s Microsoft TCO white paper, which has been updated to include interviews with actual enterprise users of both technologies.

The original paper’s findings  back in 2005 were validated by interviewing a very small sample of 10 RIM users and  Microsoft and WiPro have extended the interviews to 160 enterprise users of one or the other mobility solutions.

the user communities of the interviewees are large, averaging over 50,000 email users with over 10,000 mobile devices.

to be honest this revision doesn’t move the debate forward all that far, it does give some insight into actual experience of users which can be supported per server in a BES environment and there are a few assumptions I’m not all that comfortable with, such as the comparative data plan costs in either environment and the relative support costs.

One of the interesting facts is that 89% of Blackberry respondents used Outlook web access before mobile deployment with only 88% of Windows Mobile respondents, following deployment the RIM figure stayed the same (unsurprisingly) whereas the WM figure rose to 96% just shows that Windows Mobile is part of a range of portals you can use to access your messaging and diary systems.

if you haven’t read the original paper this is worth a read however I don’t see it changing many minds.

support for Office 2007 comes to Windows Mobile devices

June 6, 2007

Office Mobile 2007 comes to a range of Windows Mobile devices

Jason has revealed that Office Mobile 2007 will be available from Q3 this year – I mentioned my disappointment that even though the Windows Mobile 6 and EVO launches were so close that the docx format was not supported in WM 6 this update redresses the balance – the terminology suggests that this is an application upgrade rather than an AKU / ROM update so  there should be no need to backup / wipe and start again,  the update will support .pptx .docx .xlsx and FAX documents on both WM6 and WM5.0  devices 

I’m increasingly coming to view my WM6 device as a portal to a sophisticated back end and this will help reinforce WM6 as a handportable part of the EVO environment, I just wish that Microsoft had included office 2007 support in the initial WM6 release,it should have been an intrinsic part of the WM6 and WM6 should have been launched as a portable office portal device.

Exchange 2007 and Windows Mobile 6 feature matrix

May 30, 2007

Windows Mobile 5.0 & 6 with exchange 2007 from an Exchange perspective

This Deep Dive into Windows Mobile 6.0 and Exchange Server 2007 from the exchange team blog is essentially a rehash of the Jason’s earlier post  but from an exchange perspective ( of course ).

The post has the benefit of showing just the WM6 and Exchange 2007 synergies and also of actually showing the comparative glory of HTML mail on a WM5.0, a  WM 6 and an Outlook client which is a useful illustration.

The biggest message to take away is that the deployment of an Exchange 2007 server in the Client Access Server (CAS) role (what we used to call a front end server)  is not enough to enable the advanced functionality.

The WM6 functionality is dependent on the version of exchange the mailbox server is running not the front end server. This is different from the Exchange 2000 / 2003 mixed environment.

Be very careful here as I also hear from our deployment teams that the Exchange 2007 CAS in an Exchange 2003 environment is over complex and doesn’t quite do what it says on the tin, at least not without a bit of tweaking.

there seems to be an error as I can definitely make use of Fetchmail ( inline message fetch ) to download the remainder of the message from within the message on my E650 which is connecting to a Exchange 2003 production environment.

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Banish another annoying sound from your Windows Mobile Device

May 20, 2007

stop (well hide) the beep at the start of a call on your Windows Mobile device

annoyed by the beep that your windows mobile device makes when you start / initiate a phone call? you might not have noticed it but you will now and it’ll bug you soon …

Neil over at openNETCF has posted a solution, you can quieten it if you don’t want to do away with it – my Bluetooth headset seems to amplify these  alerts to eardrum rending levels so this is a big thanks to Neil from my ears.

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Microsoft Announce Unified Communications endpoints

May 14, 2007

9 vendors unite with the giant to produce UC hardphones

This via the Unified Communications Team Blog

Yesterday Microsoft announced a pretty ( and some not so pretty ) mixed bag of handsets designed to compliment Office Communications Server 2007 – available as part of the beta program the endpoints are either standalone IP endpoints with Communicator built in  (my preference) or as USB handsets that are driven by Office Communicator on the desktop.

These are the first handsets to use the new unified comm’s interface


which closely mimics Office Communicator 2007 there’s a great video over on Channel 10 which at 6:19 in shows you the Polycom x700 in operation, including the touch screen in action, a bit salesy but worth the watch.

You’re about to think you’re seeing double, here’s the Polycom version of the IP endpoint in all it’s glory:


and here’s the LG / Nortel



and here’s the USB equivalents:

(the right order this time )

polycom :


and LG Nortel:


Polycom do extend the range with a wirefree device the CX400, shame it’s USB though and desktop , I’d much prefer a true WiFi device. cx400

the CX400 screen displays communicator information so it’s a cut above the normal USB handset but as I’ve said I’d much prefer a true WiFi device.

there are more devices on show at the UC image gallery.

to my mind the USB devices are just pretty much more of the same, Communicator interaction is a great enhancement but the addition of Communicator Client to a IP Hardpoint in the The LG-Nortel IP Phone 8540 and the Polycom CX700 really wins for me.

Like most people I’d rather not have to turn my PC on to communicate, call me an old stick in the mud but I’m a two device man in this environment.

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