office live Gotcha

the beta ending also means the billing starting

if you, like me,  signed up for the beta of office live on a premium account and you don’t want to be charged ( or signed up for a years subscription) you must go here to get instruction and downgrade your account within 30 days of the 23rd May.

I just got billed £26.44 for a service I didn’t want – I’m a bit peeved as the letter I received telling me that the beta was ending was not explicit that this would happen – oh and it also contained the same letter for a different subscriber who if I hadn’t found through the phone book would have been none the wiser.

at sign up for the beta I’m sure it was stated or at least implied that I would not be automatically charged but it seems that I have been – here’s hoping the promise to refund comes through.

caveat emptor

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