Away for a well earned rest

April 27, 2007

normal service will be resumed early in May

We’re taking my parents away for a week  to celebrate one of my Mother’s milestone birthdays (she’ll kill me if I divulge the truth ) so expect minimal blogging for the time being.

I’ll be posting an in depth review of the E650 when I get back and may use a bit of blogmailr whilst away if anything tickles my fancy.

have fun



Living with the Orange E650 – part VI

April 26, 2007

more about the latest Orange SPV

well over a week in and I’ve found a really really really annoying feature and I can’t find a way to change it – help anyone?

I use voice dialing quite a lot – it’s much easier when in the car and as I type this I have my Jabra Bluetooth headset in my ear to keep two hands free – it’s a bit Nathan Barley but hey two hands like two monitors is the best way forward :).

on the C600 when you press the Jabra button to get voice dialing you get a discrete tone and with the latest ROM update you get the voice tag played back as the hone dials – on the E650 you get this the first tone is the dulcet pressing of the voice activation key the second one is the ear splitting speak after me prompt and the double tone is the error – it’s so annoying – I use this a lot and I could really do with being able to change this – it’s fine when using the phone on loudspeaker but it’s deafening in the headset – help!

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Lest we forget – part I

April 26, 2007

an occasional series exposing just how spoilt we are today

I’m a big fan of the blog of James and Kevin it’s a great resource for the latest and sometimes greatest  (?) in mobile technology – I certainly get freebie envy as they seem to be inundated with stuff.

The blog has a great example of an enticing strapline (using mobile devices since they weighed 30 lbs) and inspired by this I’ve decided to get on with showing my pile of rubbish accumulated mobility solutions. 

I’ve also been inspired by the fact that some of the internal IS guys were whinging they could only get 17 Mbits from their broadband – me I remember leaving the PC on dialed in overnight to download the 17 Mbytes of Mozilla when I moved from CompuServe to Pipex and the web proper… oooh they don’t know they’re born :|

like most geeks I accumulate old technology but to my wife’s eternal gratitude I’ve been disposing of bits and bobs ( I kept the CPU and BIOS ROM of my first IBM compatible PC – I couldn’t part with all of it ) I have however been backfilling the mobile solutions I have used over the years similar to the way I have been backfilling my vinyl on MP3.

I call it my trailing edge technology – it has to have been the pinnacle or close to it when launched but has bounced off the leading edge and is tumbling of the trailing edge when I catch it :)

so first is an occasional series 1994….. the Toshiba T1910CS and the Motorola 3200 GSM :


The Tosh sports a 386sx 33 processor and a whopping 110 Mbytes HDD, 8 Mbytes of RAM it’s runs Windows for workgroups 3.11.

the Motorola 3200 is a single band GSM phone with a capacious 100 alpha numeric memories – no data capabilities and a battery life (from memory) of 12 hours with at most 60 mins talk time , it can RECEIVE point to point short message service messages (texts to you and me) but not send them :)


I’ve seen this described as the first GSM phone – certainly in the UK it was preceded by a Panasonic model whose name escapes me. and yes it is active on Cellnet – it  requires an old SIM with a squarer smart chip – the newer SIMs with oval chips with rounder edges require less power and this phone doesn’t recognise them.

The whole kit and caboodle – excluding accessories weighs in at 8 lbs (17.6 kg)  spare batteries  would add a touch more so we could be pushing 20 kg –  the 3200 is mine IIRC it cost about £300 at the time, the Tosh cost me a sandwich and a can of pop.

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Office Mobile – Standard or Professional – Part II Excel Mobile

April 25, 2007

More reasons to buy Windows Mobile Professional?

The same treatment for Excel Mobile

Excel Mobile  
Professional  Standard
Only one mode  Separate View and Edit Mode
Sheet Overview not available  Overview Feature available
Cell Text not available  Cell Text Feature available
Accelerate Scrolling not available  Accelerate Scrolling
Page Up and Down with 2 and 8 keys not available Page Up and Down with 2 and 8 keys for Power users
Save and Save As both available  Only Save As available
(No direct Save)
File opens in Normal Mode  File opens in Full Screen Mode
File Delete is available from Opened file  File Delete is not available
AutoFilter is available  AutoFilter is not available
Modify Sheets option is available  Not available
Clear Formats/Contents/All options available  Clear Cell All only available
Cell Right/Left/Center indent available  Not available
Row/Column Auto-fit available  Not available
Paste Special available  Not available
the file is modified, clicking OK closes with Saving changes If the file is modified, selecting File > Close checks if the changes need to be saved
Insert/Modify/Delete Chart available  Only View Chart available
Toolbar available  Toolbar not available
Row/Column Headings and Scrollbars can be turned On/Off Not available
Beam option is available inside the application  Beam option not available
Rename/move option available  Not available
Revert to Save Option is available all the unsaved changes and reopen the last(this will drop saved version of the file) Not available
Rows and columns resizing is available  Not available


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Office Mobile – Standard or Professional – Part I Word Mobile

April 25, 2007

you need to have a reason to buy Windows Mobile Professional – Right?

I’ve had comments and a couple of emails asking about functions on the E650. The E650 despite it’s natty design is a Windows Mobile Standard ( e.g. smartphone ) device, there are distinct differences of functionality in the Office Mobile suite between  WM standard and WM professional devices which are summarised in the following table

Word Mobile  
Professional Standard
Document opens in Edit mode  Has two modes : View and Edit
Create New Documents  Cannot Create New Documents
Font formatting can be done
(has Font Dialog) 
No Font Dialog
Paragraph formatting can be done  No Paragraph formatting
Toolbar is present  No Toolbar
Create New Numbered and
Bulleted List
Cannot Create New lists
Has tools such as spelling check,
word count,and insert date
No tools
Cut/Copy/Paste functions No Cut/Copy/Paste
Default zoom level is 100%  Default zoom level is 75%
No different scrolling modes  Page scroll and line scroll

the create new documents is the biggest bugbear – it seems a little stingy and as there are already workarounds for this it seems a little pointless to omit it.

hopefully this will be addressed in the patch that  provides office 2007 compatibility to WM6 devices when it’s launched later this year.

I suppose that we have to look at this as a positive as at least we have some (if compromised) native Office functionality on Standard devices now – saves installing third party applications.

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RIM announces new Blackberry Application Suite for Windows Mobile 6

April 24, 2007

Give them enough Blackberry flavoured Rope ?

this via the::unwired

Research in Motion (RIM) the makers of  Blackberry have announced Blackberry Application Suite  for Windows Mobile based devices. BAS is planned  to provide a rich Blackberry application environment on Windows Mobile devices.

BAS will appear as a standard app in the programs list and will extend access to Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) for corporates and Blackberry Internet Services to WM devices.

It’s a very interesting move and one that completes the move of Blackberry from the company that co-CEO James Balsillie   described as ‘a niche device player‘ back in 2005 to a software services company in 2007.

the  plan is that BAS will expand the penetration of Blackberry services to Windows Mobile devices which Microsoft must view as a massive fillip to WM sales as if you have Domino or GroupWise in the enterprise you can now have a slinky WM 6 device that adds easy application development  to your BES access.

over time all it can do is drive Windows Mobile Sales and as Jason intimates it’ll make the transition from BES to Exchange Activesync all the more attractive and a natural progression.

I can’t help feeling that Blackberry may have shot themselves in the foot.

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Living with the Orange SPV E650 part V

April 24, 2007

a first grumble

I’ve blogged about the glitch I discovered the other day when using the find as you type on the keyboard.

I’ve found a grumble – you can’t seem to change the home page of pocket Internet explorer – you’re stuck with windows live search. grrrrr

I hate this kind of imposition – I’m sure that there’s a reg hack somewhere in there and I’ll have a rummage providing resco explorer works  however it’s an eval handset so I’m wary of too much modding.

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[EDIT: Resco Reg editor 2005 does work on WM6  –  in the registry there’s no explicit home / start page key I can find but there is an entry in HKCU\software\Microsoft\Internet explorer\main for search page. There’s also a startmenu option in HKCU\software\Microsoft\shell but I’ve not messed around with them]