HTC TyTN official Windows Mobile 6 ROM released

August 2, 2007

the long awaited ROM for the TyTN arrives….. for the TyTN only

Good news: Yep HTC have released the ROM

bad News: you need to validate your HTC account with a TyTN IMEI – only fair as I pointed out before but it means all the OEM and operator branded owners will have to wait or get dirty.

But this should really set the cat amongst the pigeons !!! Orange will really need to think long and hard about developing the windows Mobile 6 ROM for the m3100 now.

It’s the first time an official manufacturer ROM has hit the market for an Orange badged product it should be minimal development to provide the upgrade and if they don’t they are really letting their customers down.

The Touch is out there as an Orange  WM6 Pro handset and they are imminently releasing an exclusive HTC device so they have little incentive commercially to spend time on the m3100 ROM but if they don’t they are going to upset a fair few customers.

in the meantime if you’re curious you could always wander off to P2P land, purely for investigative purposes of course.


office live Gotcha

June 4, 2007

the beta ending also means the billing starting

if you, like me,  signed up for the beta of office live on a premium account and you don’t want to be charged ( or signed up for a years subscription) you must go here to get instruction and downgrade your account within 30 days of the 23rd May.

I just got billed £26.44 for a service I didn’t want – I’m a bit peeved as the letter I received telling me that the beta was ending was not explicit that this would happen – oh and it also contained the same letter for a different subscriber who if I hadn’t found through the phone book would have been none the wiser.

at sign up for the beta I’m sure it was stated or at least implied that I would not be automatically charged but it seems that I have been – here’s hoping the promise to refund comes through.

caveat emptor

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